One More Sunrise

by Trevor Peverley

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released April 20, 2016

Piano and Keyboards - Deniz Lim-Sersan
Background Vocals - Shealagh Palangio & Caitlin Comeau Jarvis
Guitar, Lead Vocals - Trevor Peverley

Recorded and mixed by Phil Spencer, assisted by Troy Haws
Mastered by Reuben Ghose
Produced by Greg Peterson
Album Art by Kalya Ramu

All songs written by Trevor Peverley



all rights reserved


Trevor Peverley Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Missing Pieces
Sunday morning, down the street
Yeah that north wind pushes me
Open doors that never lead
And it goes on

Getting lost and feeling slow
When I’m walking nowhere alone
Yeah I’m falling down this road
And it goes on

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah

And I’m hoping it’s not too late
For this moment to go my way
Yeah I’m broken but that’s okay
Cause it goes on

I bend my knees and I’m off my heels
Missing pieces keep me real
I keep on dreaming the way I feel
And it goes on

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Oh yeah, oh yeah
And it goes on
Track Name: Last Letter
My love I'm distraught, to you I must write
Conquered by visions of our endless nights
And the fateful day they fell from our sight
Doomed and determined to expire
And come sooner or later, all things must pass
But we never thought it'd happen this fast

In that restless winter, I stole you away
Though with best of intentions, I led you astray
And I never meant to send harm in your way
But some curse had been born to enchant us
It's love and it's war, and there's bound to be pain
For how long that it takes to wash down the drain

I'll forever talk to you, but whenever I call
Your eyes brighten up and your lips start to fall
Oh it breaks my heart love, does no good at all
To be chained by some ancient season
You must understand, it's a matter of time
It's no good for my head to think too far behind

In the wandering night while I lay in my bed
You're taking up far too much space in my head
With countless visions of the things we have said
To reflect and determine the reasons
It's not that I don't want you roaming my mind
But once that you're gone I'll be using the time

So if it does good at all, this tale I will send
To a forsaken lover, a forgotten friend
With hope that this heartache may soon come to end
That the air could be clear as the ocean
But all has divided and no tongue can tell
So here's my last letter, I wish you well
Track Name: As Time Goes By
She sees the moon through a fountain
From a bench in the park
Wide eyes circling around it
Visions after dark

She was born on a summers day
Above a long and winding road
Soon she grew into a runaway
To find a place in the unknown

The leaves are wild and dancing
The stars are out tonight
She sees them change as time goes by
Still she tries to design the sky

Bracelets of silver and golden
As she stares into the void
She can change my eyes for a moment
With the colours of her voice

Cause the faces in my memory
Are the shades that shape my mind
I see them change as time goes by
Still I try to design my life

But I always find the time to run
From chasing shadows of the sun
Before tomorrow comes and lets me down
I try to make things bend my way
And those things tend to stay the same
But still I think that I might figure this out
Track Name: One More Sunrise
This train, it keeps rolling
Morning pains my head
As I'm gazing out the window
Wishing I was with you instead
Thoughts are weighing on my eyelids
And wearing on my brain
But it's only one more sunrise
Before I see you again

Wind comes knocking at your window
I can see you sitting there
Looking on the lonesome skyway
Wandering round your chair
But I'm coming home tomorrow
We can make it through the rain
It's only one more sunrise
Before I see you again

As the mist is slowly lifting
I'm looking at the sun
It's getting harder to remember
Where it was we started from
Horizon's always changing
But I'm staying just the same
It's only one more sunrise
Before I see you again